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Judith van Mourik started her career as a successful fashion stylist, but was increasingly asked for interior designs. In 2012 she graduated as an interior architect at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.


With her design for Parc Broekhuizen, she received international attention and won the Leading Design Award 2018 in Athens.

The style of Van Mourik is characterized by conceptual depth, love for detail, richness of materials and courage.

We do both commercial and residential projects, designing, managing and styling the process

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WON :: // Leading Design Award at the 25th edition of The World Travel Awards

for _ HOTEL Parc Broekhuizen

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Prestigious price for hotel / restaurant Parc Broekhuizen 


 Judith van Mourik :

"A great recognition for me and for Parc Broekhuizen"



ATHENS - The Dutch interior architect Judith van Mourik has won a prestigious prize in Athens for the interior of hotel-restaurant Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum.


She was awarded the Netherlands Leading Design Award 2018 at the 25th edition of The World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony. World Travel Awards The World Travel Awards: “Van Mourik has respected the history of the estate, but has also given the place a modern impulse with magic designs. Not only the interior design is special, but also the graphic design and the styling of the staff. A more than successful all-round concept.


” Judith van Mourik:


“Great of course. It felt like an award from the Oscars. In the midst of hundreds of international leaders from the architectural world, I was taken out. " About Judith van Mourik Judith van Mourik, (1977) initially chose to study fashion at the Fashion Institute Amsterdam, but wanted to delve further into design. After studying spatial design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, she started her own desk in 2012 at the Van Nelle factory. At the end of last year, Van Mourik already won the ENTREE "Best Hotel Design" award for her work in Parc Broekhuizen.